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Top 4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof in Charlotte, NC

A properly installed roof should last between two and three decades. If your roofing system is starting to get up there in age, you’ll want to contact a local roofing contractor to find out when you’ll need to replace it. If you can’t quite remember how old your roof is and you’re wondering what some of the signs are that it may be time to reroof your home, you’re in…

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Roof Repair in Charlotte NC

Common Roof Problems in Charlotte, NC

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of caring for and maintaining things like your HVAC system, your central AC and your roof, so you can make sure you get the longest life out of them as possible. Your roof is among the most expensive parts of your home and it’s also among the most important parts of your home. If cared for properly, the average asphalt shingle roof will…

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