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Think it May Be Time to Replace the Roof on Your Home? Read This

The average roof, if it’s well maintained, should last between 20 and 25 years. If you’ve realized that you haven’t re-roofed your home since before your soon-to-be college graduate was born, it may be time to start thinking about re-roofing your home. If you have questions about how re-roofing works or the types of warning signs you should look for, call Charlotte’s Best Roofing today at 704-774-6776 to speak with…

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Roofing Experts in Charlotte

If you’re in the process of searching out a roof repair or roof replacement contractor in Charlotte, you can stop your search now. At Charlotte’s Best Roofers, not only do we have years of experience in helping local home and business owners with all of their roofing needs, we’re also rated among the top roofing contractors in the state because we understand the value of making sure our customers have…

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Roof Inspection Charlotte NC

Top 3 Reasons to Inspect Your Roof After Winter in Charlotte, NC

Spring is just around the corner. Not only is it the time of year where the kids can once again begin to play outside, it’s also a time of year when you should inspect your roof. Most people don’t give their roofs much thought until there is a problem (aka, rain on the outside now means rain on the inside.) However, much like your car, your roof will last much,…

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