Roof Replacement

We Specialize In Residential Roof Replacements And More

All Types Of Replacements For Any And Every Roof

Not only can we replace your roof with your more common roofing options but we also specialize in many different areas involving every nook and cranny of your roof. Including but not limited to:

  • Slate

  • Copper

  • Tile

  • Epdm(rubber)

  • Shingles

  • Tpo (plastic/poly blend)

  • Gutters

  • Light carpentry

  • Ventilation
  • Skylights
  • Valley replacement
  • Snowguards
  • Chimney and wall flashing/replacement flashing
  • Siding (all types)
  • Hand crafted roofing

We specialize in all copper gutter work we solder all our corners end caps drop tubes and liter we do only copper gutters and Epdm rubber gutter work for built in gutters.


We at Charlottes Best Roofers are steeped in a rich history of family tradition. With 4 generations of experience, skill and trade secrets, we are able to deliver the very best, top notch quality to every customer we serve. You as our customer are able to rest assured that your homes roof will b installed correctly by industry leading professionals with a lifetime  of experience.  With zero cut corners and only the very best materials available on the market today, you will be confident knowing that your new or repaired roof will last for many years to come. And if that wasn’t enough?  Knowing that we at Charlottes Best Roofers are proud to be the home of the guaranteed,  FIVE YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY, associated with all work performed by our top notch professionals. Weather it be the smallest of repairs or a brand new one hundred square install. When you choose us, you are choosing to be much more than a customer! You are choosing to become part of our family! And family stick together, Forever. So welcome to Charlottes Best Family!!!

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