A properly installed roof should last between two and three decades. If your roofing system is starting to get up there in age, you’ll want to contact a local roofing contractor to find out when you’ll need to replace it.

If you can’t quite remember how old your roof is and you’re wondering what some of the signs are that it may be time to reroof your home, you’re in luck. For this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the types of things you should look for.

Everyone else is doing it

Most homes in a given neighborhood were built around the same time, so if you’ve noticed that a bunch of your neighbors are having new roofs put on your home, this could be a sign that it’s time to reroof your home, as well.

If you suspect it may be time to do this, call Charlotte’s Best Roofer’s today to schedule a free roofing estimate.

Your shingles are curling

Shingles are supposed to lie flat; if you’ve noticed that yours are starting to curve upward at the corners (this is more commonly referred to as cupping), or they’re flat at the edges, but they’ve started to bubble toward the middle (this is more commonly referred to as clawing), this is another telltale sign that it may be time to have your roof replaced.

If cupped / clawed shingles aren’t addressed quickly, you could experience water damage, which is both expensive and inconvenient to fix.

Your roof is starting to look like a checkerboard

Just because a few shingles have gone missing, that’s not to say you have a contractor out to reroof your home. Patchwork is always an option. At the same time, it’s unlikely you’ll get an exact color match to what you already have on your roof.

Even if you have extra shingles in your garage from the last time you reroofed your home, they may not be an exact match. Why? Because the ones on your roof may have been lightened by the sun!

If you’ve done quite a bit of patchwork over the years and your roof looks less like a roof and more like a large-scale checkerboard, it may be time to speak with a roofer in Charlotte about reroofing.

Your roof has gone green

When moss grows on your trees or in your yard, that’s one thing. When it starts to grow on your roof, that’s another.

Not only will it hold moisture against your singles, it can also cause mildew and mold to grow on your roofing system.  If you suspect your roofing system may have widespread, moss-related damage, call Charlotte’s Best Roofers today to schedule a free roof evaluation.

Reroofing experts in Charlotte, NC

If you think it may be time to replace your roof and you’d like more information about the associated costs, timelines and/or you’d like more information on the pros and cons of different types of roofing materials, we can help.

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