Most people understand the value of using environmentally friendly materials in their day to day life. Perhaps you’ve decided to swear off single-use plastic bags when you go to the market. Maybe you’re considering the pros and cons of staring a compost heap for your garden.

You may be considering options for solar energy.

At the same time, you may not realize that when it’s time to replace your roof, there are several environmentally friendly materials to choose from.

Cool roofing

Ok. We’re not talking about “cool” in the pop-culture sense of cool. Cool roofing is any roof that’s made with lighter-colored materials.  The primary reason this type of roof is environmentally friendly is because it helps to reflect most of the sun’s rays.

Ultimately, this can help keep the interior of your home physically cooler during the days, which can be a huge benefit to your electric bill during the summer.

Standing-seam metal roofing

Not only is this type of roof long-lasting, it’s 100 percent recyclable and it reflects light.  If you’re wanting to invest in a quality roof, this may be something to consider. Standing-seam metal roofs can last as long as 50 years. They’re fire resistant and they’re also an excellent choice for homeowners who want to save and harvest rainwater for their garden.

Rubber roofing

Roofs that are made from reinforced rubber shingles that have been made from things such as old steel-belted tires are also a great “green” roofing choice. Not only does this type of roof come in a wide variety of colors, it’s resistant to harsh weather conditions. It can also last up to 50 years.

Green roofing experts in Charlotte

If you’re considering having an environmentally friendly roof installed on your home, it’s always best to leave this type of job to the experts. When you work with a professional roofing company in Charlotte you’ll be hiring licensed contractors who have the experience and the know how that’s needed to get the job done right.

When it comes to installing environmentally friendly roofing, each material is slightly different than the next, and as such, the installation process will vary based on the type of material you choose. Don’t try to DIY this type of job. If we had a dollar for every time we were hired by a homeowner who tried to DIY his or her roof replacement, we’d have a lot of dollas.

Just say no!

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