Roof Ventilation Charlotte NC

Most homeowners in Charlotte, NC have some basic understanding about the components of their roof. They’ve probably heard terms such as shingles, gutters and flashing.

What people don’t often pay too much attention to, is roof ventilation. In addition to being needed to help reduce in-home moisture levels, proper roof ventilation can also help extend the life of your roof.

The icicle problem

Have you ever driven past a home that’s covered in icicles? Sure, they might look pretty, but a buildup of ice along the edges of a roof can cause quite a bit of damage.

(That damage isn’t just limited to gutters—ice buildup can wreak havoc on the entire roofing system.)

Icicles form after the heat from inside your home (and/or attic) teams up with heat from the sun, which in turn begins to melt whatever snow and/or ice that’s on top of your home. When the water runs down toward the edge of your roof, it refreezes.

A properly ventilated roof will allow the warm air from inside, escape before it begins to cause a melting problem.

The heat problem

Roof ventilation isn’t just important in the winter. It’s equally important in the summer.

During the warmer months of the year, a roof that’s not properly ventilated will allow for heat build-up in your attic.  Most people wonder why they should give any thought to a warm, humid attic, especially since they don’t spend much time in there.

The reason is simple.

An overheated attic can damage your shingles! People who fail to be mindful of their roof ventilation system will find that they need to repair and, in some cases, replace their roofing system far sooner than they should have to.

Proper ventilation helps keep indoor temperatures pleasant

Is the top floor of your home 10 degrees warmer than the ground floor of your home?

That could be due to an improperly ventilated roof. If your roofing system is working as it should, the hot, upstairs air will be allowed to escape, which can help prevent wide-swinging temperature extremes.

Proper ventilation will not only aid in the comfort of your family, it can help save you quite a bit of money on your energy bill.

Need help? We’ve got you covered

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If you have questions about roof ventilation, or you feel like the current ventilation system in your Charlotte, NC home needs to be looked at, we can help.

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